Murud Janjira Fort

Fort is an architectural masterpiece. The fundamental passage has a stone cutting, delineating six elephants caught by a solitary tiger, an image of the courage of the Siddis. The fortification has 23 tremendous bastions around 30-40 ft high, still in place. Amongst them are the three noteworthy guns, 'Kalal Bangadi', 'Landa Kasam' and "Chavi" worked from five metals.

Alibaug Beach

One can also visit the Ganesh temple which is 400 years. Witness the majestic sunset while you are at this beach. The best thing about this beach is the fresh air and the cool sandy beach. Delight in Coconut drink or a Vada pav which is the special dish of Alibaug. One can also find a beach resort where you will find a variety of vegetarian dishes.

Kolaba Fort

There is no doubt in that exploring the fort is something which everyone loves to try once in a lifetime. The hidden stories of the forts always beckons us to explore these places. One such place in Alibaug which you would love to go is the Kolaba Fort which is located at a distance of 1-2 km from the shores of Alibaug.

Nagaon Beach

The beach is around 3 km long and is an ideal place for the tourist where they can indulge in some activities like snorkelling and scuba diving. Dive deep into the clear blue water and witness the coral reefs. Enjoy the amazing sunset with its orange hue as you walk in this beach in the evening. The beach is at a distance of 7 Km from Alibag. This beach is also known as Satad beach. For that ultimate experience, this is one of the best tourist places in Alibaug,

Kihim Beach

Dusk, cool wind and is searching for some photography than Kihim Beach is one such beautiful place to see in Alibaug that one should visit. The shoreline is best known for its encompassing with the perfectly clear water and the thick vegetation up and down the shore. Make some noteworthy minutes with your adored one while you visit the calm Kihim goan and appreciate scrumptious Indian cooking.


Kanakeshwar Forest stands out as one of the famous tourist places in Alibaug, since it is a dense forest with a collection of rare flora and fauna. In addition to it, the climate is always cool and the place gets enough breezes for it is located on the Konkan coast near to Alibaug.